Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone. I must say that the year ended off with a bang. I ended up having surgery on my right hand about 5 days before Christmas. I had 48 hours notice before going under the knife so I worked late for two nights to try and finish my christmas gifts. I got close but not totally done. After my surgery I did however have help from one of my friends who helped me to finish the last few touches. Thanks Krista!!! Because of my surgery I have not been able to do any scrapbooking and most likely won't for a few more weeks. When I do recover I am so excited to began playing with a few of my Christmas gifts!! I will be sure to post some pictures once I began to work again. I did miss out on sending out my normal hand made christmas cards. I had to replace them with the photo style ones that you print at your photo store. I did however have a great picture to use from my family photo shoot. We had a great picture taken with an amazing photographer Shannon Lepere. I have posted the picture for you to see.

New Years Eve was probably one of the most quite New Year Eve that we have ever had. We had a family fun evening at Old Fort William with some friends and then came home to enjoy the count down on T.V. We then crawled into bed at about 12:01 am. I did however think of a small New Years resolution. I am going to try and make a point of sending cards to everyone on their Birthdays. People who have missed getting them before I will make a point to have them ready to go well in advance of their special day. I don't think it is to hard of a resolution and I hope it one that I may actually be able to keep. Well we will have to see when ring in 2011, how well I kept my resolution!


  1. Happy New Year! We were on Shannon's website the other day and found some great photos of Rhys! Wow, they are fabulous!. Hope your recovery is going well!

  2. Happy new year from Norway..

    I got up early this morning and surfed the internet blog world.. I just had to comment this picture. I think it is sooo beutiful...
    Happy happy new year to you're family.


  3. happy new year from The Netherlands.
    Wow, what a beautiful dog you have there. I had to look twice, because he looks a little bit like ours, in his younger days. I have a white Swiss Shepard dog.
    Nice blog you have here!


  4. What a great photo to use on your cards, take care and let your hand heal and you'll be back to crafting soon enough! And a good resolution re: b'day cards, too!

  5. I hope you are healing fast and with out pain! Love the family photo!! It is amazing!