Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween to All...

Meet Harry and Hermione. This is my 2 year old daughter and my dog dressed up for Halloween this year. My husband is a huge Harry Potter fan, and couldn't wait for Rhys to dress up like Hermione as he thinks she looks just like her. I of course instead that the dog had to dress up too. My mom made the cloak and scarves. I created the ties. I also took apart some glasses and made a elastic strap so that they would be more comfortable for Tucker. I think they turned out great! My husband also dressed up as Hagrid which looked pretty cool as he was so much bigger then the two of them. Unfortunately the minute he walked out Rhys covered her eyes and started to cry. Even when he took off the beard and wig she still continued to cry. We decided then that maybe a costume for him wasn't such a great idea. I didn't even get a picture of him in it. Oh well there is always next year! 

Happy Halloween!!

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