Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lucky Number 7... Here's hoping for 8!

I am so excited! I just received a call from our breeders to tell me that Tucker just won his 7th Best in Specialty. He is competing in Minniapolis with our Breeders. We are all very excited. It is an outdoor show with two specialty shows on Thursday & Friday, and All Breed shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The weather there is definately not the best for an outdoor show. It is pouring rain and a Tornado touched down in downtown Minniapolis this morning. But through it all Tucker showed his best. I guess I should explaing that a specialty show is a show where only one breed competes. Tucker just turned four and he is ranked number 2 in Canada. We are pretty proud of him!


  1. Congrats on Tucker, but who really cares. The blog is called the Happy Yappy Scrapper and we still haven't seen a scrap of scrapbooking as of yet. Stop stalling and post something creative.
    Love Always, Forever Me, Donna

  2. GREAT post Jen! LOVE the blog - I always enjoy learning & reading about other people's passions even when they are not my own!

    One of the BREEDERS ...............

  3. Just a note We WON the next day for number 8!!!