Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The New Mailbox...

I have had a list of little chores that I have been meaning to get to all summer. It seems like I just never had the time. One of my little chores was to get a new mailbox. Seems simple enough. But as usually it is not that simple for me. Our last mailbox was a unique memory from our wedding. A friend had beautifully painted a wooden mailbox to match our fall themed wedding. We used this as our card box. It was on display at our wedding at the front table and collected all the card that people had brought for us. From there I immediately hung it on our new house that we moved into right after our wedding. I loved that mailbox, but it did not like the weather. After the last four years of hanging outside in all the elements it had begun took look quite yucky. So as you see I could not just replace this mailbox with just any old mailbox. I was determined to make one with my own unique touch. I bought a plain white mailbox and using my cricut I cut out the letters of our last name in the cricut wall vinyl. I used the Storybook and Home accents cartridge. I am not sure how it will hold us in the weather but I am interested to see. I will keep you all posted.


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  2. The mailbox looks great! Please keep us informed on how it holds up to the elements.