Friday, December 31, 2010

My First Digital Scrapbook

My Brother-in-law lives in Barrie, ON quite a ways away from us. For Christmas this year I purchase some little photo albums from Black's Photography. I wanted to be able to send him pictures to show him everything we did this year and how much his niece grew up. They were on sale before Christmas buy 2 get 1 free. They ended up working out to be about $13.00 a piece. The best part is once I created one it was easy to make more. The books are 6x8 and are really made for you to print 6x8 photos and then they bind them into a book for you. When I started I couldn't understand how anyone can pick out just 20 pictures from a whole year of photos. So I then though about making each page hold more by turning them into a layout. Well when I started playing Adobe Photoshop to create my pages then the fun came when I started finding all then FREE digital scrapbooking items available. Luckily I took a class about two years ago for how to use Photoshop. That came in pretty handy when I was making some of the items work on the page. The first page I made was "Rhys' First Skate" after that I bounced around with dates and worked on what ever time I felt like doing. I found that it was easier to work on a page as I found the paper that I like to go with it. My computer is now loaded with digital scrapbooking items. I even purchased Stampin' Up' My Digital Studio. I was disappointed a bit as I couldn't change the size of my page and a 6x8 page size was not available. I am hoping to play with it some more this coming year when I make another book. I love how the book turned out and I even had one printed for myself. I do think next year I might go with a bit bigger of a book so that I can add more pictures or make some of them a little bit bigger. Let me know what you think of my first digital album.



  1. Wow...that is just wonderful. It turned out so great. Happy New Year!!

  2. What a great idea, this is awesome and very inspiring!! I used to love that waterpark when my daughter was young. And those sledding pictures are priceless, I especially love the last one, you can almost hear the screams!

  3. Hi Jennifer - Just wanted to let you know I am passing on an award to you! It's on my blog if you would like :-)

  4. OK JENNY GIRL, you rocked it out. now teach me, i just need the basics and than watch out. and you know it will benefit you to teach

  5. Fantastic album girl! Love how it turned out - you put me to shame. I have so much to learn in photoshop, I am such a newbie! All I can do is add text and crop...someday...
    Shanna :)