Monday, April 18, 2011

Still No Baby ...

Just a quick post to let anyone reading my blog that there is still no baby yet. We are now two days over due and have no signs of anything happening yet. I will keep you all posted and let you all know when the little bundle of joy finally arrives. I will also post my Thank you cards and Baby announcements that I have made once the baby is here.

On the other hand I have been on a roll and managed to almost finished all of Rhys' Birthday invites. Her birthday isn't until June 6th but I thought I would get going on them before the new baby gets here and I have less time to work on them. I will post them as soon as they are done.



  1. What the baby? Geez have to have a discussion with that little baby...due dates are important...and how being prompt is important! Hope you're feeling well...can't wait for the big Lee-Ann :)

  2. Hey girl, hang in there! I hear that raspberry leaf tea is meant to help bring on labour......maybe check with somebody though.A girlfriend had passed some along to me the last time, but I didn't get to use it as Pickle Pants was born that night. maybe you just need some in the house! Don't forget your cabbage!