Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rhys' Birthday Party

Well Rhys' Tinkerbell Birthday Party was a huge success. Tinkerbell was everywhere! Rhys was so excited to wear her Tinkerbell costume, we had a had time getting it off of her when the night was finally done. The party was held at my mother-in-law's house who lives a little ways out of town and has a beautiful huge forest  backyard. A perfect setting for Pixie Hollow, this is where Tinkerbell lives. When the kids arrived I had swords and pirate hats for the boys and fairy wands for the girls. The kids ran around and played in the backyard for awhile. My Step-father-in-law even had a tractor and wagon setup for the kids to take rides in. It was the hit of the party!! 

We then had a craft session where the kids. Because Tinkerbell is a garden fairy I had the kids paint Terra Cotta flower pots.  This is Rhys' flower pot that she painted.

They then got to be like Tinkerbell and sprinkle the world with Fairy Dust. Each kid got a small jar full of Gold Glitter and they ran around the yard sprinkling anything they could find with pixie dust.

I used balloons to make big flowers all over the yard. 

I made this sign to greet everyone as they came in the yard. I used the Old West cartridge for the font. It looks like wood planks put together to make the letters. I cut the main shape of the sign from two pieces   of scrap board that come in the packages of pattern paper to keep them from bending. I then stapled it to a stake and hammered it in the ground.

These were Rhys loot bags. I made the tag and then Rhys signed her name on all 20 of them. It was great practice for her. Inside the box was a package of seeds to grow some peas in their new flower pot that they made. I also included a bag of dirt for them too! There was also a few small chocolate bars and some Tinker Bell tattoos.



  1. How fun is this? This looks fabulous! Love the sign and the pixie dust idea! Great flower balloon arrangements as well!

  2. So cute...She makes an adorable Tink! Lee-Ann :)

  3. Such lovely pictures you have shared here from Rhys' Birthday Party. My own niece will be turning 8 soon and I want to celebrate her birthday. I would like to use Mad hatter inspired theme for this party which will be organized at a local garden themed party venue New York.