Monday, August 2, 2010

Cricut Cover

I am very thankful my mom taught me how to sew when I was young. She has a passion for sewing and quilting and is also quite talented at it. I, myself, not so much. I can sew a straight line and make thing from simple patterns but not much more then that. I inherited my grandmother's sewing machine when she passed away. It is quite new as she bought it just before she passed and hadn't had much time to use it. However I must say nothing beats my mom's original Singer sewing machine that my dad gave my mom for her birthday the first year they were married. They have been married for 34 years now, so the sewing machine is quite old but works just like the day she got it! My sewing machine never seems to works for me. It always seems to catch and get tangled causing me hours of frustration and usually breaking down into tears. This lead me to making a suggestion to my mom that I would love a new simple sewing machine for my upcoming birthday. So when I began to sew my project I kept my new sewing machine in mind and reminded myself if it goes really bad I will just put it aside until then. How surprised was I when I actually finished this project and the sewing machine never caused me one problem. I swear it has ears and knows it was in it last life!

When I saw the post on "Cheryl's Window" blog I knew I wanted to try and make a cover for my cricut. I printed out the pattern from Custom Crops website and headed off to my local fabric store. I picked out two coordinating fabrics, one for the main part and the other for the end. I won't lie I thought it would be pretty easy. Well, I was quite wrong! The pattern was easy but the instruction were not. I had no idea about gathering so I "You Tube" it and watched a few videos. It took a lot of patience but in the end I love how it turned out.

I have been wanting to try cutting fabric with my cricut for awhile now. I thought this would be the perfect project to try it with. I ironed on the Heat and bond to the wrong side of the material. I left the paper backing on and put it paper side down onto the cricut mat. I cut my letters a 2" using the Winnie the Pooh marker font. I then peeled of the paper backing and ironed the letters in place. It was so easy I think I want to try it on a shirt now.



  1. That looks awesome. Your gathered edges look perfect from here. I'm so glad you found some good instructions for that part of it on YouTube (I LOVE YOUTUBE). I love how you put the fabric letters that you cut from your Cricut. I still have yet to try that. Now you have a beautiful, personalized cover. Woo hoo.

  2. Wow, you amaze me. Love the cover. The letters turned out perfect. What a great job. Cute fabric too. I've always been scared to try to cut fabric.

  3. oh jenny, me wants one, PLEASE!!!!!!! love you

  4. I am with Krista. I have the material and since you have already watched the video on need to practice that technique. I am only bugging you, but I may be calling you when I go to make mine.

    Fabulous job, hon!

  5. Me too, me too! Ha, ha! I got my sewing machine cover made, the cricut cover is next! This turned out fabulous! Love the colors you chose too!
    Shanna :)