Friday, August 13, 2010

First Blog Award...

I am so touched, I have received my first blog award. This came from "Snappy Scraps". I love her blog as it is full of great ideas using the cricut. She is right now on a mission to make all of the cards on the Wild Card catridge. Thanks to her challenge I have now decided that I can't live without the Wild Card Cartridge and will need to find one to add to my collection. For this award I need to tell everyone 3 things I like about myself. Not always an easy challenge as we are all our own worse enemy.

1.) I love my energy! I know this remark may sound funny to some but I am a very loud, happy, bubbly, person. To some I am to loud and I talk to much but for me I love that I am happy and energetic person and try to always find the fun in everything.

2.) I love that I am a creative individual. I love having a hobby and a creative outlet in my life. It brings happiness to my day even when it is a little rough.

3.) I love my red hair. I know you can all stop laughing but I really do! I love being unique and different. I am a true redhead and I love that there aren't a lot of redheads in this world. I am sad that as I have gotten older my hair has lost some of it red so I have had to start using a bottle to get my natural colour back. I was also a little disapointed that my daughter didn't get the redhead gene.

Now I have to list 5 blogs that I would like to pass the award onto....

There is so many more that I would love to give it to, including the ones that Scrappy Snaps had already listed. These are the few blogs that I visit everyday and read all of their posts word for word. There is no skimming the pages on these blogs. They all have greats stories, ideas and tales of their daily life. Congrats girls keep up the great work!! 

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