Monday, June 17, 2013

The LEGO Party

After weeks of planning and preparing the Lego Party came and went. It was a great time and everything ran really well. I wanted to show you a few pictures of some of the items I prepared for the party.

These are the loop bags I made. I bought the bags from Michael's and boughts matching cardstock for the circles. The circles are cut with a circle punch and then raised up with a foam square. In the loop bags were a colouring book, some lego man and lego block crayons, candy lego blocks, a glow bracelet and a man and car for them to build.

A close up of the bag.

This is my youngest rockin' it out on the Kareoke Machine.

This was the pin the head on the lego man game I made. Each kid got a lego head and got to draw their own lego face on it. They then each took a turn tyring to put the head on the body while being blind folded.

I made a lego toss game from a old bean bag toss game I found at work. The kids all loved trying to see how many blocks they could get in. 

I borrowed some legos from a friend at work. Her son has been collecting them for many years so his collection was quite a bit larger then ours. I had it all spread out on a table for the kids to build with. The boys really loved it and spent most of the time there.

Our friend's son created a really cool lego plane.

Rhys received MANY lego set for her birthday. Behind her is one of the banners I made a long with some help from my dear co-workers Emily and Nikki. They helped me to put on all the circles with foam squares.

I made these lego head treats from marshmellows and melted yellow chocolate. I then drew faces on them with melted chocolate chips and a zip lock bag with the corner cut off. I unfourtunately didn't get a picture before Rhys began to gobble it up. There was also a mini yellow M&M on the top to look like the little button on their heads.

 Rhys enjoying her Lego Treat.

Here is the large Lego Banner I made. I used the same items and method as the first banner and the Lego and loop bags.



  1. Adorable, love the loot bags, the banner and the games...fab!

  2. Wow! this turned out fabulous! I especially love the banners and the loot bags!

  3. I love the banners, loots bags, game and cake!!! Wow, Stephanie will be asking you to plan her next birthday party!!! LOL :)